Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is a famous card game that is played popularly in many casinos. This game is usually played between a player and a dealer with 1-8 decks of 52 cards each. Many casinos have tables where a lot of players play the game together. The cards are dealt from a box called the shoe. The decks are usually shuffled after each game.

1)The game begins with the player placing a bet. Some tables have a minimum amount that needs to be waged as a bet. The dealer deals the cards, giving 2 each to a player. The dealer is given 2 cards too, one facing up and the other card called the hole card, facing down.

2)The players can decide whether they would like to
a.Hit- take a card
b.Stand- take no more cards
c.Double – Asking for one extra card after doubling the bet and then standing
d.Split- If the player is dealt with a pair of cards of same value, then he can choose to split the hand and play two hands, doubling the bet.

3)The dealer plays after all the players have finished. The dealer plays following all the blackjack rules. Certain casinos dictate the dealer to take another card at 16 and stand at 17 or above.

4)The player’s cards or hands are compared only with the dealer’s hands, as the player plays only with the dealer. Unless the player is counting cards, the other players’ cards are not important.

5)When the player wins, the dealer gives even money whereas, if the dealer wins, the player loses everything.
These simple guidelines will help you enjoy a game of blackjack.